Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 - Thank God its Over!!!

I'd been thinking of starting up a blog since a really long time...but when you are living a life as crazy and complicated as mine, things like writing blogs don't seem to have much relevance LOL!! Since December 2006, it's been really difficult for people to keep a track of my whereabouts and I got so tired of giving explanations of how & why I haven't been in touch that I have finally stopped saying sorries and simply expect people to understand...or not! Now with a blog published online...all I need to say is "Hey but its all there online, all you needed to do is read it...and you say I didn't tell you whats up with me? So mean!!!"

Oh but wait, aren't you supposed to start new things with all good thoughts, words or deeds...hmm I guess I'll have to save all the cribbing for the next paragraph. So, starting off with the good stuff, its been a good year professionally. Extremely stressful, a roller coaster ride all throughout, but fruitful nonetheless. Had a few rare good moments otherwise, but they were not enough to cover up for all the troubles these things got along!! It started with me moving to Delhi to join a studio as a Creative Director...a director at the age of that cool! Well, turned out it wasn't all that cool. Then I got the offer to join Pixel Image as the APM...not all that cool...but then it feels good to feel safe and not to be in a place where you need to impose a hundred stupid restrictions on yourself to ensure your well being. Along with the joy of being back in Pune, I got selected for the AVC finals...A DREAM COME TRUE!! This was something I had in my list of goals to be achieved 'someday' when I would be good enough for it, didn't see it happening so soon! I did pretty well, if I'd had enough time to work on it and enough finance to get a decent machine, I would've hit the bulls eye for sure. There are some other good things in talks as far as my professional life's concerned, hoping all turns out well in the new year. Okay, now all this has taken "really" long to write, and I can't think of any other good happenings through this year...and no, I am not a pessimist. Infact my tickle test for 'are you an optimist or pessimist' says I'm a ray of sunshine...the extreme degree of an optimist!! I Guess thats what keeps me going on and on and on.

Oh yeah...and now on to the 'real' stuff!! Don't know where to start from, lets start from the 1st day of 2007. It started with me dumping my stuff in to my pathetic new room, or I may say the pigeon hole in Salunke Vihar (Those who have seen the room would agree I am not exaggerating) and catching a late night bus to reach Aurangabad. Reason why I took up that room in the first place? Well as usual I 'had' to move out of my old house ASAP so I took up the first place which was near to my old flat.

Fast forward Feb-March, lemon was getting boring as there was less and less of architectural 3D by each passing day. At this point of life, I got this great sounding offer & moved to Delhi via Aurangabad in April. One week down the lane I realized this is not gonna month down the lane I am back to Aurangabad. After a month I moved back to Pune and joined Pixel. I was accommodated at the company guest house where I was supposed to stay for a month. But due to the unexpected arrival of company directors (for whom the guest house was actually rented) I had to find and move in to a new room in just about a couple of days. This time the room was nice, but it came at an extravagant rent and got along some people who caused big troubles in life later (Things too interesting not to describe in detail, food for my next blog entry). I won't even venture into the three pathetic months starting September we had at the office, but I will mention what my GM said, 'its things like this that can make you think of suicide' or something similar. Anyways, office problems were no problem as compared to the other problems in life. Fast forward December I had to again change my house, but this time around it looks I have got a nice deal, atleast it seems like that as of now...that is offcourse if I choose to ignore the railway track next to my bedroom window ;) The 12 days promised Christmas vacation at the office got cancelled at the Nth hour. I almost left the office, almost moved back to Aurangabad, and then things changed and I am now back where I was four months back!

Oh, and did I mention the number of people who ditched me, cheated on me, backstabbed or hurt me this year? It has to be a lifetime record (Unless fate plans to give me more such uniquely interesting years ahead)! I don't even want to get into all the problems people who mattered have had all around the year, which at times caused more tension to me than my own life did!! All this once again has left me thinking am I really that bad in judging people around me or is it plain simple height of coincidence that things like these just happen to me all the time & I keep on crossing paths with the people who prove 'wrong' for me...good food for thought that will keep my mind occupied till the day I find the answer or arrive at a conclusion!! I will get into some of the detailed individual stories of all the 'happenings' around the last few months in this year but I am sure this period of life will be the top contender for the worst time of my life (and very hopefully I won't ever have a time like this again).

Anyways, whats gone is history. What lies ahead is what I have in my hands and I hope to make things work better from hereon. Here's hoping that next year will be plain, simple & a lot less "eventful".

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warlock said...

As they say, "he never promised that life will be easy, but he sure promised to be with you at your every step". So face it with a smile and rejoice. Trust me you will be rewarded soon with what you deserve.