Thursday, January 17, 2008

My New Years Resolutions

Okay...half of Jan is over, and here comes my New Year's Resolution's list (Will keep adding later if I find there are more things I *need* to do):

  1. Do more 3D this year... especially personal feel-good-do-it-for-yourself-non-paying kind of projects (Where I won't have a client or a boss telling me what not to do)
  2. Travel - Preferably to place/s of historical importance, at least have one trip abroad this year
  3. WON'T trust people blindly (or with open eyes for the matter or fact)
  4. Pursue sketching, I am missing it big time now
  5. Complete the still pending piece of stippling I started last year
  6. Be social - Be in touch with friends (Something unfortunately I am very bad at) and be much more punctual & regular in replying to personal mails (I have to write so many mails daily at the office that I feel extremely lazy to come home and again start writing mails even though I want to do it)
  7. Not miss any professional opportunity because my personal life is a mess & vice versa
  8. Join a driving school, learn driving & get a licence (Its embarassing but I can't drive) & buy a car, depending on whether I do plan to step out of KP, something I almost never do now
  9. Start living with a routine...sleep at a decent time, wake up at a decent time (Not saying early because I don't want to make a resolution I know I'll break for sure) and not deprive myself of sleep or food anymore
  10. Be completely self-dependant


Samir Gadve said...

wish you all the luck to follow the resolution/s :D

Neha Kakkar said...

Thanks Sameer :)

Points 1 & 4 are already in action. Striving hard to keep up with points 3, 6, 7, 9 & 10...only the year end will tell how much success I have at this!!

Points 2, 5 & 8 need to be put into action...please keep bugging me about these till I do it lol!!


nice blog Neha :)